Realize your inadequacy as an equipper of Saints: Dr Munyumbwe

Southern Zambia Union Conference (SZBU) executive secretary Dr Vanny Munyumbwe has called on the clergy to realize their inadequacies in their discharge of duty as equippers of saints as it is the only way that they would be moving on the right track.

Dr. Muyumbwe said this on the 2nd of April, 2016 when he officiated at the ordination service for South Zambia Conference (SZC) Youth Director Pastor Stephen Jato and Rusangu Secondary School chaplain Pastor Ian Chiinya that was held at Rusangu Secondary in Monze Southern province. And scores of congregants among them relative from across the SZC territory and beyond as far as Lusaka stormed Rusangu Secondary School chapel to give support to the two gospel workers that were ordained for service.

“If you are going to make it in this ministry as an equipper of the saints, a sense of inadequacy is important. The moment you realize what you are lacking as a minister then you will be on the right track,” Dr. Munyumbwe said. He called on both Pastor Jato and Chiinya not to feel that their natural talents and abilities enabled them to excel because doing so was most likely that God would not use them. He urged them to stick to the Bible as the only source of doctrine.

He admonished them to take care of their members because it was their core responsibility and not scatter them. “If you feel that you are more talented, it is most likely God will not use you. Feeling that you have more natural abilities then you will lose your focus in the ministry, lean on Jesus who is the solid ground because all these others are sinking sands,” he said. “Go out and do not make your own doctrines, stick to the Bible and God’s instructions. Do not disperse the church members were you are serving for your sole responsibility is representing God and not being a tyrant,” Dr Muyumbwe said.

Further, he called on the church and family members to rally behind the ministers because their calling was from God and not the church. “The church nor the family does not call people to ministry but God does. Therefore, our responsibility as a church is to support and accept and ascertain the call.

Pastor Stephan Jato who is a graduate of Rusangu University previously served as District Pastor for Magoye mission district before being appointed Youth Director in December last year. He is married to Pamela Kanchele with whom he has one son Emmanuel. Pastor Jato got baptized in the year 1998 on 24th May at Libala SDA church. On the other hand, Pastor Ian Chiinya who is also a graduate of Rusangu University worked as a clearing argent at Chirundu border post before joining the ministry in 2007. He is married to Alice Phiri with whom he has three children.