Youth Ministries


The Southern Zambia Union Conference Youth Ministries exists for the promulgation of the Advent message to all the corners of this wonderful union conference which encompasses Eastern, parts of Lusaka, Southern and Western Provinces of the Republic of Zambia according to the great Commission of Jesus Christ. The aim of Adventist Youth Ministries clearly states: “To take the Advent message to all the world in this generation.” In view of this mammoth take placed before the young people, Ellen G. White wrote these appealing words, “In order that the work may go forward in all its branches, God calls for youthful vigor, zeal and courage. He has chosen the youth to aid in the advancement of His cause.” Such an inspiring statement, and many others, is the motivation of what we do in youth ministries. The following are the major areas of focus in Youth ministries in this quinquennium (five year period), 2016 – 2020

  1. Mission Statement

To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus and help them embrace His call to discipleship.

  1. The Re-Visioning GC Adventist Youth Ministries is elaborated in the following Chart:
  1. Total Youth Involvement (TYI)

The PASS IT ON initiative provides a rationale for placing the local church at the center of youth ministries in Southern Zambia Union Conference. The local church is expected to be an intergenerational spiritual home for our youth. Furthermore, we emphasize that there is no protocol when it comes to sharing of information between church organizations. However, protocol will still be observed when it comes to sharing administrative matters. Communication barriers should be removed by utilizing all available avenues (Media: Official Websites and Social Media platforms) in the interest of equipping and resourcing the local church. This includes the sharing of data bases between organizations in order to reach the local church.

  • 2016: Year of Refocusing (Refresh)
  • 2017: Year of Reformation
  • 2018: Year of Leadership
  • 2019: Year of the Local Church (working title to be refined if necessary)
  • 2020: Reconciliation (intergenerational concept, beyond simply notion of forgiveness)
  1. Global Youth Day (GYD

Southern Zambia Union Conference Youth Ministries is committed to encouraging all its entities to fully support and participate this special General Conference program which fall in the month of March each year. The week preceding GYD has been declared a week of “Compassion” to encourage churches to carry out acts of kindness (where they need to do manual labor) to their communities.

  1. GC, SID & SZUC Big Events
  • Youth Leadership Convention: 11-15 April 2017
  • SZUC Master Guide Refresher Course: July 2017 in South Zambia Conference
  • SZUC Youth Alive Conference: December 2017 in West Zambia Field
  • SZUC Pathfinder Camporee: April 2018 in East Zambia Field
  • Impact Europe: 23 July – 4 August 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Pathfinder Camporee: 15-20 April 2019 in South Africa
  • Oshkosh Camporee: 12-17 August 2019 in Wisconsin, USA
  • Pan African Youth Congress: 23-28 December 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya
  1. Other Initiatives and programs
  • Global Bible Experience (BIBLE QUIZ)
  • Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT)
  • New Adventist Youth Ministries Organogram chart
  • Little Lambs & Eager Beaver
  • Community Pathfinder Clubs (CPC)
  • Recruitment Of Student Literature Evangelists
  • Focus On Our Core Business
  • Human Trafficking
  • Insurance
  • Give Them The Keys (GTTK)
  • Ambassador Ministries
  • New Pathfinder Curriculum
  • Induction Ceremony
  • Sid Uniform
  • One Year In Mission (OYiM)
  • Mission Caleb Project
  • Discipleship 24/7
  • Youth Leadership Master
  • Intergeneration Church Of Refuge (iCOR)
  • Millennial Matrix
  • 10/40 Window 
  • Director’s Itinerary
  • Statistical Report Form
  • Strategic Plans Document